Course Catalog

Do you need professional development units?

Intellectual Ferret by The Dillon Group, Inc. is the home for corporate universities where employees can earn professional development and continuing education units.

Codes and standards? We’ve got that covered, either online or in a live workshop.

Construction best practices? We’ve got that too, from the perspective of an award-winning 4th generation homebuilder and subject matter expert.

Sustainability? Of course we do. From construction to verification, we’ve done it all in the green home building world.

Management and leadership? You betcha!

What Should I Expect?

Our online content is designed with evidence-based principles for training people, mixed with expertise and loads of personality. Nobody should suffer through boring training taught by people who have never done what they teach.

You don’t get that here. We only teach what we know how to do: build homes that perform well, rate homes for energy efficiency, and verify homes for energy efficient and green building programs.

Our experience as a 4th generation homebuilder, subject matter expert in codes and standards (and green building), professional educator, and sports entertainer brings to life what the less talented make boring.

We know we aren’t everyone’s cup of tea- and we never intend to be! But if you want to learn from an expert who tells it like it is… we deliver that to you in spades.