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New Poster!

At Intellectual Ferret, we believe wholeheartedly at becoming a platform for education across multiple disciplines. As such, we commissioned a local artist, Cason Miller, to create a poster. Using his personal style to show an out-of-this world approach to education, Cason has developed a poster that presents a nontraditional, but still awesome, Intellectual Ferret. Share […]

Why Continuing Education Matters

by Connor Dillon So you’ve just gotten a degree, maybe you have a job or two lined up (or more likely don’t). Time to start your life! Except, you probably haven’t thought about this: all those skills you’ve developed and have ingrained in the back of your mind over the last seventeen years of formal […]

Build San Antonio Green Job Offering!

Our Friends over at Build San Antonio Green have a job opening on the market! Job Summary Build San Antonio Green Field Observation Associate Build San Antonio Green is looking for an entry level-full time Field Observation Associate to assist the Director of Certification and Certification Associate in the verification process in the Certification of […]

Wish You Were Here

Whenever I think of change, I think of this Pink Floyd song- particularly the lines “And did they get you to trade / Your heroes for ghosts? / Hot ashes for trees? / Hot air for a cool breeze? / Cold comfort for change? / And did you exchange / A walk on part in […]

HERS Rater Training: Comparison of Styles

HERS Rater Training programs typically come in three styles: Jam, Cram, Regurgitate Let’s Do Something! Think About What & Why Most HERS Rater training falls into the Jam, Cram, Regurgitate model. The trainer presents information, the student memorizes it, and vomits the information back on command. The danger of this method (there are many!) lies […]

Meaningful Life

I read Creativity by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, trying to gain insight, when I stumbled across two quotes that rocked me. The first is from Erik Erikson: “I am what survives me.” This simple, yet powerful phrase describing identity should be painted above every home’s entry door- on both sides- reminding us as we leave and return […]


What is Possible?

What is Possible? I have an imagination and I’m not afraid to use it. I had an employee give me a button to wear with that on it- and I wore it every day at that workplace. When I was much younger, relatives called me “Spock” because I would comment on human behavior with “That’s […]


You Are Capable

Think of all the complex tasks you do everyday. Driving cars, playing musical instruments, the very act of handwriting- these are very complex activities. Take teeth brushing, for instance. Somehow you have to maneuver your meat-covered skeleton made from stardust into a space where you have access to water, a teeth brush, and teeth paste […]