When ACCA needed a certification exam for their Residential Systems Installation Verifier program, we developed three 50-question exams using multiple choice questions. To test the validity of the exams, we tested them iteratively in three locations across the country and performed psychometric analysis after each test to improve the exam before national deployment.

We believe in assessing competence, not just performance, so our assessment services go beyond item-writing to include case studies, peer reviews, self-reviews, mentoring, and direct observation.

If you need a skills gap assessment to find out what your people know, and more importantly, don’t know how to do under volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous situations, contact us today for a proposal.

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Why Must Trainers Be Interesting?

Why is it important that trainers be interesting? I’m pretty sure we’ve all suffered, at one time or another, the indignity of having to listen to a boring teacher, professor, lecturer, instructor, or trainer drone on and on about something…

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Listen to Your Students

Richard Feynman has been one of my heroes since my high school days. He said, “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” As a teacher, I’ve used that statement as a cornerstone…
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Courage to Get Good

What's the Process to Teach Someone Critical Thinking?

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