Using The Case of the Moldy Attic, we examine the evidence to determine the cause of mold in the attic of a home that was intended to be a high performance home. This course will be set for 6 CEUs. You will have two months to complete the course. This course prepares Raters and Rating Field Inspectors to think critically when conducting advanced building diagnostics specifically related to psychrometrics and building failures. By the end of this course, students will:
  • Understand the relationship between pressure, temperature, density, and volume
  • Understand the driving forces for water movement in vapor form
  • Interpret data collected related to psychrometrics and building assemblies
  • Identify unsafe conditions for performing depressurization/pressurization tests in a home
  • Identify conditions under which they may perform depressurization/pressurization tests in a home occupied by persons with environmental sensitivities.
  • Determine which tools are appropriate for the task
  • Identify the most likely causes for high humidity levels inside a “high-performance” home

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