This training package is for the intrepid individual getting into the Energy Rating Industry

It includes our training content for the RESCAZ Simulation, currently (as of 25APR2022) the only required exam for Rating Field Inspector (RFI) candidates. It takes you from zero understanding of the video game to a passing score (barring glitches in the game). Well over 80% of Students who’ve gone through this training have passed this exam the first time – no pesky retests.

But wait – there’s more!

You see, RFI candidates should be able to do more than just the standards inspections per ANSI 301-2019 Appendix B.

So we’ve included our ENERGY STAR v3/3.1 Single Family New Construction course in this package.

Successfully completing this workshop and passing one of the proctored exams is a prerequisite requirement to participate in any ENERGY STAR Single-Family New Construction projects.

Oh, and you also get 0.32 CEUs for ICC recertification.

Well, I’ve got one more confession – we include one more workshop…

That’s right, I put a little too much Lagavulin in my coffee when I came up with this package.

I guess you’re wondering what else could we add?

Simple: The best complement to the great content that’s already included is the ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction (MFNC) workshop.

This is the prerequisite course for you to perform inspections on ENERGY STAR MFNC projects. Once you go through the content and successfully pass the proctored exam, you’re able to work on ENERGY STAR MFNC projects.

Oh, and you also get 0.45 CEUs for ICC recertification.

While we could charge well over $1,500 for this package, we’re giving it away for a measly $900. That’s a $600 savings.

What’re you waiting for? Register today!