Rater Simulation Training

The exam consists of two separate homes that you must gather field data from. After you’ve gathered the data, you have to enter it into an in-game data sheet. After completing both homes, you will receive the final score. This score is based on the average of the results from the two test homes. Our online training is a series of thirty-three videos. These videos walk you through four separate simulation practice homes. The practice homes have different floor plans, foundations, and physical characteristics.

We’ve developed a data sheet that guides you through the simulation. This sheet provides sections for all the information you need to capture. Throughout our training we also introduce key tips that produce the greatest results. We’ve taken this sheet through many iterations to find the best form for everyone. Once you’ve accessed the course content, we will set you up with an account to practice the simulation. The test and proctoring fees are not included in the course cost.