John Maxwell’s Intentional Living

Available as a Workshop

This workshop helps you choose to live a life that matters. You will learn:

  • Your life can be a great story
  • Why good intentions aren’t enough
  • How to start small but believe big
  • How to search until you find your why
  • How to put other people first
  • How to add value to others from your sweet spot
  • How to connect with like-minded people
  • How to partner with like-valued people
  • How to live with a sense of anticipation
  • How to be urgent about seizing significance opportunities

This workshop is both practical and inspirational, with the goal to motivate participants to become proactive in their lives and to make a difference in their world. Far from being a step-by-step instruction session, this workshop is a call to shift away from having merely good intentions, which lead to passive living, and instead live with a high degree of intentionality which is the bridge to significance.

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