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How to Motivate Your Employees

The Evidence-Based Approach to Engage Your Workforce & Kick Ass in the Market

Do you want to make more money?

Do you want to become more valuable to your organization?

Do you want to discover your secret weapon to catapult your organization to NUMBER ONE in your market?

From Peter Drucker to John C. Maxwell, the leading experts all agree: YOUR PEOPLE are your only sustainable, strategic, competitive advantage.

I’m Brett Dillon, and welcome to How to Motivate Your Employees.

Thank you for showing up! I’ve got good news, and I’ve got great news for you.

Do you struggle to motivate your Millennials?

If it hasn’t happened yet, it will very soon…

Millennials will make up the bulk of your workforce.

What motivates these people? How much of their amazing potential is being wasted? And could this problem be a ticking time bomb- ready to deal a death blow to your organization?

You know it subconsciously… Your Millennial employees are NOT motivated by the size of their paycheck. Nor the benefits. There’s something else, isn’t there? Something missing. If you want to know what the something is, please read on and discover…..

“Businesses are failing because they continue to try to teach and lead this newer generation with the same old teachings and ways of handling business as they always have done- but are not adapting to the “new age” generation.”

That’s what one reviewer of my book, Millennials! Your Secret Weapon to Kick Ass in the Marketplace, wrote after giving me a 5-Star review.

What makes your Millennials different?

The answer I’m about to reveal will shock and surprise you. And as you will see…..

3 Simple changes transform your Millennial employees into your single greatest asset

 These changes create a new legacy which stays with your business for a generation.

You’re skeptical, of course.

But companies who invest in themselves this way are shown a 700% ROI. And that’s only the start….

It’s Proven! Boost your team’s productivity 38%- starting now

What if everyone in your organization delivered 38% more value every single day? Year after year?

…What would that mean for your company…and for you?

Well, why not ask David Musgrave?

“I have employed staff for nearly 30 years, but have struggled to get the best out of my younger staff. I found this book really insightful about not only Millennials but also some great tips on how I should act in my own life.”

Don’t hire another employee until you’ve seen these startling changes for yourself!

You can do nothing and watch your employee-costs spiral out of control- throwing good money after bad…

….or you can accept this offer today and transform your Millennial workforce into a well-oiled machine. One that rolls towards your targets for a generation.

Spend just 15 minutes learning these simple steps each day. 

I guarantee within 7 days you will notice an astonishing difference. And after 60 days your Millennials will be your single, greatest asset…if you ACT instead of sitting on your rusty dusty expecting your world to change for your benefit.

A study from the ASTD found investing just $680 into each employee’s training produced a 6% increase in shareholder return. That alone is a very good deal. However….

….it won’t cost you $680/employee to put this remarkable and proven method to work in your business. In fact, it probably won’t even cost you $100/employee.

Now, for a limited time, the complete How To Motivate Your Employees package is yours to follow– and profit from – for just $997.00!

Register now and you get instant and lifetime access!

But this offer is due to end any day now. The cost will soon double. You risk absolutely nothing. So why not act now? You are guaranteed results.

How To Motivate Your Employees takes you by the hand and guides you through 21 simple, actionable steps – all proven to…

  • Align your employee and corporate purposes: Imagine seeing your workforce arrive, not only ready, but eager to start. Now, at last, your company is playing a crucial role in their life’s mission.
  • Make your employees experts at what they do: Imagine seeing your company transformed into a magnet for the most talented, ambitious Millennials ….and having them sing your praises to their friends. 
  • Make everyone in your organization accountable: Imagine everyone working to a foolproof system which makes their performance predictable – day after day. 

You can do all this. And you only need 15 minutes a day to make it happen.

That’s it. 

Just 15 minutes a day can turn your Millennial employees into your single greatest asset. In less than a month, you can complete this course and become the hero of your organization.

Bonus #1: How to keep your staff firing on all cylinders….without driving them to…


The Best Methods to Defeat the Insidious Enemy that Saps Morale and Kills Your Team

Nothing kills your team’s productivity and morale faster.

Burnout is the insidious and contagious enemy which can infect your employees without warning. How can you stop it from happening? Is there a simple process you can follow?

In these videos I reveal the 12 secret burnout triggers….and how to deal with them…

Bonus #2: The Secret Behaviors of Actively Disengaged Employees at All Levels of Your Business…….

How to Spot a Saboteur

Do you wonder why meetings take so long? Or why nothing is decided until the last second?

It’s because about 66% of your workforce is disengaged and about 25% are actively disengaged. That means you literally pay people to work against the mission of your company. 

They are the secret monsters, the saboteurs who disrupt your business. They eat your profit margins and reduce morale among your team. 

If you do nothing, it’s a guarantee they won’t. 

The only way you can stop an enemy is to know the enemy.

Act now to get your bonuses!

We teach you:

  • 9 similarities between generations in the workforce
  • 12 differences between them
  • The differences between classical and contemporary work ethics
  • The impact of population density and education on work ethics
  • 3 workforce interventions to create a motivated workforce
  • 12 burnout triggers
  • 3 burnout cures
  • 50 tactics used by the actively disengaged to disrupt your business

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