How to Make Time for Work That Matters

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Time is the one thing we could all use more of.

Just think how much you’d accomplish if you could add, say, 20% more time to your day.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible.

But you can free up a big chunk of the time you do have—by eliminating or delegating unimportant tasks.

Research shows that knowledge workers spend 41% of their time on low-value—and often tedious—tasks that could be handled by others.

Why does this happen?

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How to Make Time For Work That Matters

How to Make Time for Work that Matters

One key component of work that affects every level of an organization is time management. Employees often get bogged down responding to requests that may take priority over their day-to-day work. Managers have meetings every day for hours on end, sucking time away from being productive. Executives get contacted through multiple channels and have to give an answer.

So how do you make time for the work that matters?

Our course was developed around research to improve time management, allowing you to focus on work that matters. We can help you improve you and your organization’s effectiveness.

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