How to Lead Millennials

The Evidence-Based Approach to Engage Your Workforce & Kick Ass in the Market

Do you want to increase employee engagement with your business and reduce those who look for other jobs by 59%?

Do you want to see a 38% gain in productivity over the average?

If you want to learn the evidence-based approach to raise employee performance 32% greater than average- you’ve come to the right place.

Because it’s not just theories we discuss- we’ve implemented and tested these techniques over 10 years. This approach is evidence-based, experience-proven. This makes our approach better.

You might ask, “Why should I care?”

Companies in the top quartile of leadership outperform other organizations by nearly 2x before EBITDA.

Companies that develop leaders during significant transformations are 2.4 times more likely to hit performance targets.

Companies that invest in coaching have a mean ROI of 7x of the initial investment.

The American Society for Training Development (ASTD) did a study which found an increase of only $680 in a company’s training expenditure per employee generated on average a 6% increase in total shareholder return the following year.

That same study revealed the companies in the top quarter of the study group had 24% higher profit margins, 218% higher income per employee, and 26% higher price-to-book ratio than the companies in the bottom quarter of the study group.

That’s why you should care about investing in your people and in your leadership.

You might ask, “What if I invest in my people and they leave to work for my competitor?”

What if you don’t invest and they stay?

You may think you don’t have the time to invest in training and development.

If you don’t invest your time to develop your human capital, you reduce your organization’s intellectual, social, organizational, and financial capital. Your people are your only sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The good news…

We have the cure.

Our online course How to Lead Millennials is a 32 video course, complete with workbook that drives reflective action and provides nearly 7 hours of content that is chock full of actionable lessons you can implement today.

How to Lead Millennials provides the framework for you to spend 5 minutes a day to learn how to make incremental changes that:

  • Align employee and corporate purposes
  • Help employees get good at what they do
  • Increase responsibility & accountability

When employee and corporate purposes are at odds, you have increased disengagement and reduced productivity. It happens whether or not employees know their purposes. It happens when businesses have nonsensical purposes. And it’s happening to you right now.

If your employees are only ‘okay’, how can you become the leader in the marketplace? Every day is a challenge. New competitors bring disruption. New products advance the industry in unexpected ways. The only way to combat these challenges is to have a well-trained team. ‘Okay’ is not acceptable- you can help your team become excellent.

Responsibility and Accountability are two sides of the same coin. Employees that don’t have responsibilities have no skin in the game. The other side of the coin are people who aren’t held accountable for their actions, and just show up. This drives behaviors into a negative tailspin, leading to a slow, lingering death in the marketplace.

Why should you buy this course instead of the book Millennials! Your Secret Weapon to Kick Ass in the Marketplace?

Not only will you get an in-depth look at the best ways to increase engagement and get your team to kick ass in the marketplace, you’ll also get access to two bonus trainings!


The Best Methods to Defeat the Insidious Enemy that Saps Morale and Kills Your Team

Burnout. A word that strikes fear into the hearts of leaders everywhere. It leads to exhausted, depersonalized employees who are less effective and care less about customers.

This bonus training discusses the common causes of Burnout, the consequences to your workforce, and the best methods to deal with Burnout. If you implement these methods, burnout will be reduced and effectiveness will increase.

How to Spot a Saboteur

The Secret Behaviors of Actively Disengaged Employees at All Levels of Your Business

Do you wonder why meetings take so long? Or why nothing is decided until the last second?

It’s because about 50% of your workforce is disengaged. Of that, 25% is actively disengaged. That means you literally pay people to work against the mission of your company.

They are the secret monsters, the saboteurs who disrupt your business. They eat your profit margins and reduce morale among your team. 

If you do nothing, it’s a guarantee they won’t.

The only way you can stop an enemy is to know the enemy. How to Spot a Saboteur is a workshop that reveals the key behaviors of actively disengaged employees, from front-line workers to managers.

Based on the World War 2 Office of Strategic Service (OSS) manual to become a saboteur, we guide you through the actions that lead to reduced effectiveness and inefficiencies in your business. You will be surprised just how many people you pay to trip your business up!

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