How to Get Your Team to Do What It Says It’s Going To Do

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How to Get Your Team to Do What It Says It's Going to Do

If / then planning has been proven to help individuals stick to their goals.

New research suggests that it is also an effective tool for sharpening a team’s focus and helping members get things done.

Whether we’re trying to finish projects at work, save for retirement, or lose weight, researchers have found that we follow through on our commitments only about 50% of the time.

And that estimate is optimistic.

Even when we truly want and intend to achieve a goal, somehow it still doesn’t happen.

Why do we so often fail to achieve our goals?

For lots of reasons, actually.

We miss opportunities to act because we’re just too busy.

We lose confidence, so we push projects onto the back burner.

And we allow competing goals, motivations, or temptations to interfere.

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