How to Be a Focused Leader

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We provide some tips on how to be a focused leader, based on work done by psychologist Daniel Goleman. We cover the modern assault on our attention, and the three key areas leaders need to focus on: Self, Others, and the Wider World. We provide you exercises to help you improve your focus- and as we always do here at the Dillon Group, we base our education programs on evidence, not pet theories that have not been tested.

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How to be a Focused Leader

How to be a Focused Leader

What does it take to become a Focused Leader? It’s a question all entrepreneurs and business leaders face as they grind through work. In the modern world, we’re often distracted by computers in our pockets, interrupting us through a constant connection to everyone else. We find ourselves performing work that doesn’t matter, responding to emails three hours a day, and not being able to lead others into the high performance the clients expect. So what can you do about it?

We delved into research to answer this question and synthesize it into easily understood concepts.

Our course is based on research done by Daniel Goleman, and supported by books written by Edward M. Hallowell, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie Mckee. Additional resources include articles written by Robert Goffee, Gareth Jones, Jim Collins, W.C.H. Prentice, and Ned Hallowell.

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