Online Education

We use evidence-based principles of multimedia learning to design our online education programs.

We offer programs in education ranging from our Train the Trainer course to short courses on subjects of mindset and grit.

We currently offer quality management programs for the energy rating industry, covering ethics, quality systems, file reviews, field reviews, and a case study-based program on ENERGY STAR New Home quality management protocols.

Our business education programs are tiered, targeting the fundamentals, business management, and executive education. We also offer programs for the small business owner and the entrepreneur.

Our sustainability education programs cover the energy rating industry, energy codes, and our guide to residential construction.

These courses are offered by themselves or they can be packaged with custom content in a corporate university for your own organizational needs.

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Course Catalog


How to Be a Focused Leader

How can you become a more focused leader? In this short course, Brett breaks down the three steps to becoming a focused leader.

How to Find Your Customers’ Jobs to be Done

The Purpose River

What’s Your Scarcest Resource?

Have you ever asked yourself that? What answers have you given in response?




What if you could harness your scarcest resource to maximize its potential?

What Makes a Leader?

A Leader isn’t someone who is given a position to manage other people. It’s not even a person who earns a higher position.

A Leader is someone who has specific characteristics that can help your team become better than it was before, capitalize on opportunities, and minimize risks. In this course, Brett discusses these characteristics and they can help you develop a personal growth plan to improve your leadership.

How to Make Time for Work That Matters

How to Get Your Team to Do What It Says It’s Going to Do

“Yes, we’ll do that.”

Have you ever had your team tell you they’ll do something? How many times has the something fallen through the cracks?

Our short course talks about the best ways to get your team to accomplish those tasks they say they will do.

How to Be a Better Leader & Lead a Richer Life


Train the Trainer

This course is designed to improve the training skills of vocational instructors.  This course covers the teaching process, cognitive load management, building expertise, and giving presentations. Upon completion of the course, RESNET Trainers will receive 16 Professional Development Hours.

If you have already purchased this course, please follow this link to access the content.


Success Depends on Execution

The success of your business depends on how well you execute in two areas: behaviors and processes. In this video series, you will learn the principles of successful execution of behaviors and processes.

Organizational behavior changes start with the leaders: know yourself first, your people and your business second. After that, we provide evidence-based principles of organizational behavior that are more likely to lead to successful outcomes.

Businesses operate effectively when they follow processes instead of procedures. We provide the process principles for strategy, people, and operations that, when executed well, are more likely to produce the desired outcomes that lead to success.

How to Deal with Rejection

One of the biggest fears people have is the fear of rejection. Why? Because rejection hurts!

In this 10 video course, Brett explains why rejection hurts, why we fear rejection and the consequences of that fear, common reasons for getting rejected, and most importantly- how to deal with rejection. He uses an evidence-based approach, not relying on some fortune cookie advice or crackpot theories of self.

Insight yields understanding, and understanding helps us make sense of our world. Don’t suffer from the fear of rejection any longer- if you are an entrepreneur, business leader, salesperson, or simply a person who wants to live to their potential, this course is for you.

Only $16.99 for three months access!

Sign up today and start living to your potential.

If you have already purchased this course, please follow this link to access the content.

Decision Making Fundamentals

Many business leaders struggle with making decisions, and often find their team also struggles with decision-making. We make thousands of decisions every day, some insignificant and others life-changing.

What is the best way to make a decision?

We use evidence-based research to provide you the tools to make effective decisions, whether you are a front-line employee or occupy the corner office. In this series, you will learn how to classify the problem, define the problem, produce specifications for a successful answer, decide what is right (not just acceptable), build execution into the decision, test the validity of your choice against the real world, and what to do when you’ve made a bad decision- because everyone makes bad decisions.

Fundamentals of Sales

Do you want to increase your sales? Do your salespeople understand their role, or are they just order-takers?

In this series, you will learn the attributes of a great salesperson, the principles of influence, sales knowledge, business knowledge, the behaviors of effective salespeople, and sales tactics.

This course is based on evidence, not pet theories or gimmicks, and is designed to increase the effectiveness of your sales team. Your business cannot succeed without sales, and you can’t afford to waste time chasing the latest trends. This course delivers principles based on evidence culled from research and practical applications.

A Question of Character

In this video series, you will learn what ethics are, the basics of critical thinking, the causes of ethical failures, coping mechanisms used when we fail, how to prevent ethical failure, ethical systems, and character traits of a virtuous person.

Blending philosophy and evidence-based research, we provide a deeper understanding of why people make the ethical choices they do- and how to avoid the traps of poor decision-making when dealing with ethics.

How to Set & Achieve Goals

Do you have trouble setting and achieving goals? Does your organization consistently fail to meet goals?

If you answered yes to either question, this course is for you. In this series, you will learn how to evaluate goals, specify rewards and standards, break goals down, the importance of focusing on behaviors over outcomes, create measurable goals, establish short term goals that lead to long term success, avoid limiting your performance, and assess your goals.

Along the way, we bust some myths about goals- because we use evidence-based principles, not urban legends, to provide a deeper understanding of how to set and achieve your goals.

How to Write a Business Plan

In our “How to Write a Business Plan” course, you will discover the key elements of a business plan from our CEO, Brett Dillon. He discusses the universal aspects of traditional business plans, useful applications to build a successful business model, and more.


Ophthalmic Scribe Certification Course

This course will prepare you for the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO) OSC exam, an open-book and notes test. Certified ophthalmic scribes are important for handling electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR), which all doctors are required to use to meet healthcare standards. JCAHPO is a non-profit certifying body with various levels of certifications and memberships for ophthalmology.

We understand how difficult it can be to further your education; you have to travel somewhere, fit someone else’s schedule into yours, and spend money on a bare-bones course. That’s why we put out Ophthalmic Scribe Certification course online!

So what do you get with our course?

Videos based upon micro-learning education for simple and easy watching.

Supporting documents the give you more information.

Quizzes to test your knowledge on seven distinct sections.

Links to books and guides to help you get a head start on your ophthalmic career.

On top of all this, it’s online- so you can access the course from anywhere!

Why would you attend a webinar that you have to change your schedule to meet? Why would you spend the money to attend and travel to a live workshop? Why wouldn’t you want to be as prepared as you possibly could before taking a test? In price and product, our course stacks up better than any others you look at.

For $123.00 you’ll have access to the full Ophthalmic Scribe Certification course for two weeks! While your access will only last two weeks, the knowledge and understanding we provide you last a lifetime- so why don’t you sign-up?

Note: Each purchase of this course is intended for one individual. If it is discovered that multiple people are accessing the course through one user account, you will have your access revoked without a refund.

If you have already purchased this course, please follow this link to access the content.


The Residential Construction Guide

The Residential Construction Guide provides you with all the important fundamentals in residential construction. Based in years of experience from a fourth generation builder, it covers a variety of topics. It is best paired with the book, The Fat Bastard’s Guide to Residential Construction, upon which the course is based on. It is available in digital formats through iBooks and Kindle.


If you intend to certify homes for the ENERGY STAR program, you must be ENERGY STAR-certified. You have to attend a course given by a RESNET-accredited Training Provider that covers the program.

To achieve your certification in the ENERGY STAR v3.1 program, you can buy our online course.

This 18 CEU course covers the details of the ENERGY STAR program. This includes the new mandatory checklists and testing procedures.

The cost of this course is $540 for 2 months of access to the learning material, and includes the exam but does not include any proctoring fees.

There is a two hour exam at the end, with a score of 80% or higher to pass.

Advanced Building Diagnostics

In The Case of the Moldy Attic, our intrepid building science investigator is called in to determine why a home that was supposed to be an ENERGY STAR home has mold spreading throughout the attic spaces and HVAC systems. The building science investigator brings an impartial perspective to a situation loaded with finger pointing between the builder, the insulator, the HVAC contractor, and the home owner. What will they discover? Who is most likely at fault? Will he survive the mold infested attics?

Using The Case of the Moldy Attic, we examine the evidence to determine the cause of mold in the attic of a home that was intended to be a high performance home.

This course will be set for 6 CEUs. You will have two months to complete the course.

This course prepares Raters and Rating Field Inspectors to think critically when conducting advanced building diagnostics specifically related to psychrometrics and building failures.

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Understand the relationship between pressure, temperature, density, and volume
  • Understand the driving forces for water movement in vapor form
  • Interpret data collected related to psychrometrics and building assemblies
  • Identify unsafe conditions for performing depressurization/pressurization tests in a home
  • Identify conditions under which they may perform depressurization/pressurization tests in a home occupied by persons with environmental sensitivities.
  • Determine which tools are appropriate for the task
  • Identify the most likely causes for high humidity levels inside a “high-performance” home

Course Syllabus

Please click here if you have already purchased and received access to this product (within the two month allotted time).

RESNET Green Rater

This course was developed by RESNET and is only delivered through RESNET-accredited Green Rater Training Providers. Designed for HERS Raters, it provides an additional certification for them but is also a useful introduction to green building for builders, architects, home inspectors, and government officials.

This course is recognized as meeting one of the pre-requisites for the US Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes™ Green Rater course and is taught by a LEED for Homes Green Rater Faculty member.

Once you complete the course by emailing us the final activity form, HERS Raters will receive 12 CEUs upon submitting an application to RESNET with a check for $50.00 (payable to RESNET) to cover the certification fee. We provide the application once we receive and approve the final activity form.

If you have already purchase this course, please follow this link to access the content.

2015 IECC Residential Building Code

Our 6 CEU course covers the changes in the 2015 IECC Residential Building Code, including but not limited to: the Energy Rating Index Compliance Path, Walls, Mandatory Requirements, and more. As you progress through each module, you will gradually have a deeper understanding of the material, allowing you to discuss the code will city officials and other Raters.

If you have already purchase this course, please follow this link to access the content.

NATE HVAC Verifier

The RESNET-approved NATE HVAC Verifier course prepares candidates for the NATE HVAC Verifier exam. Upon completion of the course, candidates earn 12 CEU’s for RESNET-certified HERS Raters.

This course covers:

  • Basics of Comfort
  • Basics of Energy and Pressure
  • Load Calculations (Manual J)
  • Ductwork (Manual D)
  • System Selection (Manual S)
  • System Installation
  • System Commissioning

You will receive access to this content for THREE MONTHS!

The price? $599.99, which includes the video lectures, interviews with industry experts, and the student handbook.


The NATE HVAC Verifier exam must be proctored by a NATE-approved proctoring/testing facility. All RESNET-accredited training providers are eligible to become NATE-approved testing facilities. We are approved to proctor this exam, but for a list of testing organizations near you click here. All proctoring and test fees are the responsibility of the candidate and are NOT included in the course fee.

If you have already purchased this course, please follow this link to access the content.

Tutored Online HERS Rater Training

With the Tutored Online Rater Training, you will receive:

  • All the training modules of the Rater Training
  • 6 Essay prompts for each module of Rater Training
  • Feedback on the essays to guide you in your studies
  • Videos guiding you through the RESCAZ Simulator
  • A lecture on the CAZ procedure & creating a work scope
  • And “How To” videos on performing the various tests

You will receive access to all this content for $350.00 with three months of access. This tutored training provides students with a better understanding of the HERS Rater program.


All exams must be arranged through us and administered by a local proctor (public library, technical school, college, or university) of your choice. We will need the proctor’s name, organization, phone number, email address, and physical address to make those arrangements. We will send the proctor the exam information and proctoring instructions. NOTE: All proctoring fees are the responsibility of the student.

ResCAZ Simulation Training & Test Fees

Are you a Rating Field Inspector who needs to take the CAZ tests? Are you a HERS Rater who hasn’t taken the CAZ exams yet? Do you need to get prepared for the ResCAZ Simulator? Look no further!

We offer a module of videos that walkthrough each section of the ResCAZ Simulator, as well as a supporting document that help you with the process of completing each task in the simulation. Additionally, you will receive a copy of ACCA Standard 12, with all the important parts of the document highlighted.

Once you are ready, we can can set up your CAZ Academic and Simulation exams. All we need is the contact information of the certified proctor, the date & time of your exam, and your information. We ask that you contact us with this information at least two business days before you plan on taking the exams.

The total cost is $440.00 for two months of access. This includes the test fees, online training, and supporting documents.