Energy Rater Corporate University

RESNET requires certified Home Energy Raters to have 18 hours of Continuing Education Units every 3 years to maintain that credential. RESNET also requires Providers to track those CEUs and report them.

Most Providers and Rating Companies do not have the capability to create content that satisfies the RESNET requirements. Those that do often do not have the time it takes to develop new content. They resort to sending employees to the RESNET conference (at about $2,000.00 per employee!), managing the cycle of who has to go every year. That is a real pain in the neck.

Another option is to have the Rater take the exam every three years. Since the exam questions change to reflect updated standards, this forces them to figure out what they need to know to pass the exam or take a refresher course to get updated on the latest standards.

The third option is to get CEUs approved by RESNET. Most training providers who offer CEUs do so through webinars. This requires your employees to stop working and watch, then you have to figure out how to track who was actually watching. To top it off, they also have to take an exam to receive credit. How does that work with a live webinar? You could send them to conferences or live training events- but then you have the lost opportunity cost of them not working (about 1.25 x their salary) plus the expense of travel and the course cost itself.

You need a solution that allows your employees to get quality education that includes exams at a lower cost, with the convenience of having them take the class when it works for both of you.

That’s exactly what we set out to discover. The result? The Dillon Group created the Intellectual Ferret platform. We offer RESNET-approved CEUs for Raters and Professional Development Hours for QADs and Rater Trainers, all online! But we didn’t stop there—we created a corporate university program that allows you to get the same content at a lower cost!

Are you not in the building science industry? Not a problem!

Contact us with your needs and we can develop a unique corporate university just for you!

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