Our Friends over at Build San Antonio Green have a job opening on the market!

Job Summary

Build San Antonio Green Field Observation Associate

Build San Antonio Green is looking for an entry level-full time Field Observation Associate to assist the Director of Certification and Certification Associate in the verification process in the Certification of Green Homes.

Essential Duties & Tasks

  • Perform site observations in consultation with Director of Certification & Certification Associate in San Antonio and surrounding areas
  • Report and keep record of site observations
  • Assist with plan review and data tracking of projects submitted for certification
  • Assist builders at every stage of the certification process
  • Assist with management of BSAG projects database through FileMaker as needed
  • Participate in outreach events such as booth, festivals, and conferences
  • Promotion of BSAG’s activities
  • And Other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Knowledge of Code as amended and adopted by the City of San Antonio.
  2. Knowledge of design and construction techniques used primarily in single-family structures.
  3. Knowledge of advancements in building science and developments in energy efficiency and green building materials.
  4. Knowledge of local and federal rebates and incentives for energy and water conservation.
  5. Knowledge of the equipment and techniques used in the testing of residential structures and their systems.
  6. Knowledge of ENERGY STAR for Homes as well as other green building and energy rating standards.
  7. Knowledge of REM/Rate and other energy rating software is preferable.
  8. Ability to communicate, both written and orally, with building professionals and the general public.
  9. Knowledge of Windows Office software including Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.
  10. Experience with FileMaker or other database maintenance software.
  11. Desire to stay current with emerging industry trends and practices.
  12. Project management experience with ability to operate under minimal supervision.
  13. Ability to learn quickly and act as a member of a team.
  14. May need to receive technical training as a RESNET HERS Field Inspector and to receive additional certifications in Building Science and Solar Energy as needed.

Minimum Qualifications & Requirements

Education and/or Equivalent Experience
  • RESNET Energy Rater or RESNET Rating Field Inspector certification preferred
  • 2+ years required experience in residential construction or related field
  • College education in Construction Management preferred but not required
  • Transportation Required

If you are interested in the offer, please contact Lina Luque by either email <lluque@buildsagreen.org> or phone (210) 224-7278.