About Us

Intellectual Ferret is the brainchild of the experts at The Dillon Group, Inc. We are passionate about sharing knowledge—and enthusiastic about facilitating understanding! For years Brett Dillon has envisioned ways to increase understanding in the workforce. During a strategic brainstorming session with Alyssa, Connor, and Dina- we hit upon a great solution and Intellectual Ferret was born.

We aspire to provide our clients with the capability to develop a wealth of understanding that generates ideas, contribution & recognition, great accomplishments, and enduring achievements. Intellectual Ferret is the place where experts reside.

Our Expert Team

Brett Dillon

Brett Dillon

Lead Instructor

Our lead instructor is Brett Dillon. With over twenty years of experience working in the residential construction industry, he has more than enough experience to draw on. Brett engages the students in our live course with piercing questions to expand their understanding, while providing enriching content for our online students.

Connor Dillon

Connor Dillon

Assistant Instructor | Webmaster

Our assistant instructor is Connor Dillon. Connor has always had an appetite for learning and understanding new topics. In that way, he tries to introduce as much new content to Intellectual Ferret as possible. Connor presents ideas for course development and catalogues the content on our website.

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